Sony Music Announces Two New Features To Give Artistes More Control

The coronavirus pandemic has affected many industries, including music. With some musicians unable to earn income following the enforcement of lockdown measures, and restrictions on gatherings, Sony Music has come up with a plan to allow artistes take control of their earnings.

In a statement issued 29 June 2020, Sony Music announced two new features: Real Time Earnings and Cash Out. The first allows artistes to see their earnings in real time, and the other feature provides them an easy gateway to withdraw their earnings.

This novel features, as Sony Musis Music Entertainment Africa acknowledges, make for transparency and efficiency.

The new features have been greeted with excitement by artistes signed to the music giant. Unlike in the past, artistes can now fully monitor how their works are doing in the market, and exactly what they earn, any day, anytime, anywhere.

Will other music and entertainment bodies take similar initiative? We can’t say for sure. But then, as you know, we are watching the industry and will bring you any related news. Please stay tuned for updates

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