Sophie Lichaba Returns To South African Screen With A New ‘Lockdown’ Role

Sophie Lichaba will be playing a prominent role in the popular show, Lockdown.

The widely adored actress, Sophie Lichaba’, will be returning to the South African screen this year with a role in a popular show, ‘Lockdown.’

Sophie Lichaba will play the role of a head nurse at Kgotsong Asylum with the character name, Palesa.

Sophie Lichaba, the veteran actress, will start off 2020 in a great note as she will be featuring in a popular show.

Lovers of Lockdown will see Sophie Lichaba making her debut by acting as Palesa. Kgotsong Aslylum is the same place they had sent Katlego, Monde’s sister.

On the 30th of January, the popular show, Lockdown’ will be showing on local screens. It is reported that two episodes of the show will be released every week.

Sophie Lichaba’s role will be one that will keep the viewers captivated and intrigued. A preview was shown and Sophie portrayed her character as one that will give viewers nightmares. The actress received a patient in a way that was not welcoming.

Sophie Lichaba is thrilled that she is playing the role and joining the cast of the popular show.

Sophie narrated that Lockdown is one of the few local shows that portray quality and good production. She revealed that she adored joining the show right from the first time she became a part of it.

When talking about her character, Sophie Lichaba said that Palesa is ‘broken.’

Palesa represents all women who are broken and seek to find happiness. Sophie further said that viewers will see her character as being different.

We are eager to see what Sophie has for us! Check out what to expect from the new season of Lockdown below!

Sophie Lichaba has encountered several challenges, ranging from attacks on her marriage to revealing her weight loss. Her new role in the popular show shows that she has put all challenges behind her and she is ready to forge forward.

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