Sorisha Naidoo Praises Her Husband Vivian Reddy’s Presenting Skills – Watch

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Reality show star Sorish Naidoo is a very proud wife. Not only is she proud of her husband’s enormous wealth, but she has also just shown the world his presenting skills and her delight in the same. Can you beat that>

In the clip, Vibian Reddy could be seen advertising the Oceans Mall. His wife Sorisha was impressed by his presenting skill and she said so out loud. According to her, he nailed the presentation. That triumph was especially significant because it was his first attempt at presenting.

The video was shared on Twitter, where South Africans had a good time discussing it as well, with some praising the billionaire’s presentation. You can check out the clip below.

Sorisha Naidoo and Vivian Reddy are among Durban’s wealthiest and most glamorous couples. They often share clips of themselves working out or cooking. The couple recently had a vacation ton the Maldives where they had a wonderful time and shared pictures from their adventure.

Given their place in society and the bond they share, many South Africans often look up to Vivian and Sorisha as the ideal of the relationship they would love to have. Well, no harm in wishing and dreaming. And yeah, Sorisha is proud of her man.