Soulja Boy Debuts Tattoo-Free Face

Soulja Boys debuts face without tattoos

Soulja Boy debuts new face without signature tattoos.

Have you ever wondered what Soulja Boy would look like without his signature face tattoos? Well, wonder no more because the talented artist is walking around with a different look these days. Yes, you heard that right, he’s done away with the face tattoos.

A recent video shared by the “Crank That” hit maker sees him with a tattoo-free face. The signature Gucci logo under his eyebrows and his name (Soulja) written underneath his left eye are no more. However, not all the tats are gone but there seems to be an explanation for that.

It could take months for him to get rid of all of it as tattoo removal usually takes a lot of sessions to complete. Since leaving jail in July 2019, Drako has been on a mission to turn his life around. He revealed that he had quit smoking and drinking (lean included).

He is also in the process of readying his next album “King Soulja 9” for release. The album is scheduled to drop on July 28. Earlier on, he dropped the single “Slide” which is expected to be on the album. Soulja has also reduced his use of social media focusing more on his plans and music.

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