Soulja Boy Is Claiming He ‘Changed The Whole Music Industry’

In recently shared tweets, Soulja Boy claims he changed the entire music industry.

While some would have faded out even without having a recent hit to their name, Soulja Boy still grabs attention when he says something. Imagine it, he’s got us talking about a single tweet when we can’t remember the last time he had a huge hit.

Shout out to him though. The rapper is asking for his flowers while he can still smell them. While many would shy away from stating the obvious, Soulja is saying it matter-of-factly and we are all on his side. The rapper appeared on on Tuesday, and shared a tweet stating that he changed the entire music industry.

Before you argue, we’d like to tell you that he’s actually speaking the truth. Many have said that Souljah was ahead of his time when he was at his peak. During the “Crank Dat” era, the rapper utilized social media in the best ways, and made his music go viral with his corny routines.

Just a little research will prove this to be true. Now, artists resort to these sort of moves to promote their music all over the globe with platforms like TikTok, Instagram, etc. Who started it? Soulja did. Now give him his flowers.

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