Sources Claim It Could Have Cost R 250k To Kill AKA

Mzansi blasts Durban’s Inkabi Industry after a source claimed the contract to kill AKA could have cost R250k.

It’s been over a week since the shocking murder of SA Hip Hop star AKA, and fans can’t believe it happened. According to a report by TimesLive, it could have cost R250k to assassinate him.

The outlet reported that an unidentified Taxi boss told them details about the Inkabi industry in Durban. The hitmen-for-hire industry reportedly charges a range of money depending on how prominent the person is. That’s from R10k to R500 000. The taxi boss estimated that AKA’s assassination could have cost around R 250k.

Shocked fans have taken to social media to blast the police for not solving the murder quickly enough. A Twitter user, @BonganiMbanjwa, wrote, “This country is something else. Killers are known, it’s known how much they charge, and they get interviewed by media houses. All of this is NORMAL.”

While another, @SibuMaliti, tweeted, “No amount of money is worth a human life, its brutality and no amount of hunger should push anyone to kill, we are living amongst monsters.”

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