South Africa Charmed By Kid Dancing Like Cassper Nyovest (Video)

A kid who imitated rapper Cassper Nyovest’s dance moves in a video currently circulating online has captured the attention of South Africans, including Cassper himself.

The child’s mother, who goes by the twitter handle @BonoloMaruping, had shared the video of her son perfectly imitating the rapper, describing her son’s obsession as pretty cute. She tagged Cassper Nyovest to the video.

Impressed by the video, Cassper Nyovest had shared it, stating he’d one day love to meet the kid in the video.

His fans and others who saw the video expressed similar pleasure in the kid’s dance moves and encouraged him to keep at it.

One particular fan even suggested the mother encourage her song to go into music and dance, having shown aptitude for both early.

Now and then, videos of kids imitating their idols pop online, leaving no one in doubt that adults aren’t the only one’s follow the celebs.

In other news, among hiding his fans face for months, Cassper Nyovest has finally revealed it to the world.

Well, what do you think of the video of the kid imitating Cassper Nyovest? You may want to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

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