South Africa Has The Highest Screen Time In A Global List

According to a recently released global list, South Africa has the highest screen time.

According to an article by The South African, a new study by Electronics Hub analyzing data from DataReportal’s Digital 2023: Global Overview Report, reveals that South Africans recorded the highest screen time globally. The report finds that people in the country spend the highest percentage of their waking hours in front of screens more than any other nation.

The report is said to have looked at trends in 45 developed countries, and South Africans were found to allocate an astonishing 58.2% of their day to screen time. Because excessive screen time has been linked to various physical and mental problems, these findings have raised concerns among public health researchers in the country.

South Africans are said to use social media and personal computers the most. According to the study, they dedicate 22.5% of their day to scrolling through social media platforms. The majority of Facebook users in SA are reportedly aged between 18 and 35.

Also, people in SA are said to spend 26.7% of their waking hours using PCs. The South African writes that “this high rate of PC usage can be attributed to the growth of internet access in the country, which has fuelled a digitally active generation.”

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