South Africa Mourns Veteran TV Anchor Derek Watts, Dead At 74

It has been said that if wishes were horses biggest would ride – you know, people would get whatever they wanted, But that is not the reality. people are born and at some point in their life’s journey, they die. Sadly South Africans have just lost one of their most memorable TV anchors, Derek Watts.

The M-Net employee who was famous as the host of the current affairs segment Carte Blanche, lost the battle against cancer and was confirmed dead at 74. The former TV host had skin cancer that later spread to his lungs. Along the line, he was said to have contracted severe sepsis as well.

All this contributed to his departure from the earth. Until his passing, he stood out for his journalistic excellence and stand against corruption. This earned him a spot in the hearts of many viewers.

Not surprisingly, the news of his death left so many South Africans sad. Most of them took to social media platforms to mourn his passing and speak about his contributions to the world of South African TV.

Derek Watts is survived by his wife and two children, all of whom are gutted that he is no longer a part of them.

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