South Africa Reacts To Announcement Of Big Brother Mzansi Returning

Big Brother Mzansi is returning this year and South Africans are excited and can’t wait to be glued to their screens.

MultiChoice, which had overseen the first and second season of the show, had announced the show will be returning for a third season. The announcement followed rumors that the show would be returning.

According to a statement from MultiChoice, the much-loved show will be returning to screens soon. It gave no timeline for the return, but fans are already excited and expressing strong opinions about the imminent season of the show.

Some social media users are of the view that organizers of the show should pick people who are not already famous. Tick influencers, celebs, and others.

Other social media users think peeps who have a beef should be thrown together into the Big Brother Mzansi House to see how things unravel. And yet others think MultiChoice should be allowed to do its thing.

The overwhelming opinion, though, is that celebs and other famous figures should not be allowed in for season three. You can check out some reactions below.

It remains to be seen who and who will eventually make it to Big Brother Mzansi and if the coming season will be as exciting as the past ones.

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