South African Jazz Musician Musa Manzini Dead At 51 – See Burial Date

In life, we are in death. and no one knows the hour. These are among the verities of existence that people sometimes struggle to accept and for good reason. Life is good and most people would love to live forever. Sadly, that’s impossible. In South Africa, the music space has just lost popular jazz musician Musa Manzini. He was 51.

Hailed as the “best” in his field during his lifetime, Musa Manzini charmed a whole nation and imprinted his name in the consciousness of many around the country. Now that he is no more, South Africans are understandably sad.

Musa died yesterday, Monday, May 10, following a seizure. He is known to have been suffering from a malignant brain tumour since 2006. He was managing the illness since then until death finally intruded at the Helen Joseph Hospital in Johannesburg.

Born in Durban, Musa’s interest in music flowered pretty early and he was able to win many fans in his illustrious career. He was good enough for him to be described as the “best” in his field at some point. He will be sorely missed for his contributions to South Africa’s music space.

His burial has been fixed for this Saturday, May 20, in Richards Bay, KwaZulu-Natal.

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