South African Music Producer, Tweezy Lists His Top Hip Hop Producers Of All Time

Tweezy lists his greatest Hip Hop producers

Tweezy lists the Hip Hop producers he believes are the greatest of all time.

Everyone no matter how great or small has someone or people they look up to. In their opinion, no one could be any better than those people and they will always regard them as the best in the game.

Mzansi Hip Hop producer, Tweezy is definitely at the top of the list when it comes to ranking the best Hip Hop beat makers in all of SA. He’s known for his touch on some of the biggest Hip Hop songs to hit the airwaves and charts in SA including “Dope”, “God’s Level”, “Ambution”, and more. His work on AKA’s 7x Platinum-selling Levels album is just daunting.

Replying a tweep, he listed the beat makers he believes are the greatest of all time. In his opinion, American producers, Dr Dre, Timbaland, and Kanye West are the greatest producers in the world.

“Hahaha him and Dre actually sit on the throne with Kanye for me. Can’t ever choose one between the 3 of them…so the best Hip Hop Producer of all time is made up of 3 individuals,”

He finished it off with a laughing emoji.

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