Rapper Blxckie Teams Up with Nelly Furtado in the Studio

South African rapper Blxckie is currently in the United States and has been making waves on the international scene. Recently, the Durban-born rapper shared moments of him in the studio with Canadian singer and songwriter Nelly Furtado. The collaboration has generated excitement among fans, who are eagerly waiting for the outcome of this partnership.

Blxckie, who has been on a roll for the past two years, is looking to take his career to the next level by putting his musical brand on the global stage. In addition to performing at various events in the US, he has been meeting up with renowned artists in the global music industry, including Nelly Furtado. The rapper took to Twitter to express his excitement about working with the Canadian singer, tweeting, “a sydenham heights boy and Nelly Furtado. 🌊”Rapper Blxckie Teams Up With Nelly Furtado In The Studio 2

Although it is not yet clear whether the collaboration between Blxckie and Nelly Furtado will result in a new song, fans are thrilled at the prospect of their favorite artists working together. The partnership has the potential to help Blxckie reach an even wider audience and further solidify his presence in the international music scene.

Meanwhile, back in South Africa, Blxckie recently made history by featuring on Elaine’s song ‘Loving You.’ The collaboration marked the first time that Elaine has ever sung in IsiZulu and the first time she has worked with another artist. Blxckie took to Twitter to share the news, saying, “made history today by becoming the first artist Elaine has ever featured in the history of impilo yonke itself on a song where she also sings in isiZulu for the first time ever in the history of impilo yonke itself

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