South Africans Applaud As Zodwa Wabantu Is Barred From Visiting Lesotho

Angry Show Promoter Opens A Case Of Theft Against Zodwa Wabantu

Controversial dancer Zodwa Wabantu has been banned from entering neighbouring Lesotho. When the news of her ban circulated online, many South Africans, her compatriots so to speak, applauded the Lesotho government for not allowing her into the country.

Zodwa Wabantu makes her money from her dances – most of which are done half-undressed. That is her key selling point, and she has managed to snag many fans ever since she started. However, not everyone is impressed with how she chooses to earn a living.

Her critics are just as vehement as her supporters. This explains the recent reaction to the news that the government of Lesotho has banned her from entering the country.

Lesotho is not the only country wary of having her, though. She has had similar experiences in the past. In fact, at some point, some Nigerians were adamant she should not be allowed into the country.

Interstingly, banning her also puts her in the spotlight, meaning that she gets even more famous – something she can milk for cool cash. But that’s by the way. It remains to be seen if the government of Lesotho will eventually rescind its own decision and let her into the country. Time will tell.