South Africans Blame Government For Illegal Immigrant Foreigners

South is currently facing an immigration crisis, with some locals claiming that foreigners are taking the jobs that should be given to locals.

In the vanguard of this advocacy is a young man called Nhlanhla Lux. According to him, foreigners are not only taking the jobs that should go to the local pollution, but the foreigners are also responsible for most of the crimes in the country as well.

He’s pushing this advocacy with the phrase “Operation Dudula,” and he’s got thousands across South supporting him.

As far as some watchers of the unfolding crisis are concerned, though, “Operation Dudula” is nothing other than another phrase for “xenophobia” – a militant hatred of foreigners, as well as a desire to get them out of the country by any means.

This isn’t the first time South is facing an immigration crisis – nor, as one critic has noted, will it be the last.

It turns out some South Africans insist the government should be held responsible for it all, for lax immigration policies that see foreigners get into the Rainbow Nation with ease and then taking the jobs that should go to locals.

There’s palpable fear among foreigners right now, and some have left for fear of being attacked.

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