South Africans Debate Over Who Is Funnier : Trevor Noah Or Mashabela Galane?

South Africans try to choose who is better: Trevor Noah or Mashabela Galane?

South Africans have stormed Twitter to debate over their most preferred comedians: Trevor Noah or Mashabela Galane?

This has reached a critical point as citizens are confused over who to choose. Trevor Noah has remarkable success as a New York Times bestseller of his debut novel, Born a Crime, a stand-up comedian and host of the popular The Daily Show.

Mashabela Galane, in 2016, won the Comics’ Choice Native Tongue Award. He has also been nominated for best kwaito album in South African Music Awards. He also won Double Gold at the 2018 Michelangelo International Wine and Spirits Awards as the inventor of Rare Moringa Gin. Rare Moringa Gin was made by Old Packhouse Distillery.

The Twitter users have written well-mannered and clear posts, expressing their views about the two comedians.

This is what some of them have to say!


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