South Africans On Lerato Kganyago’s Video Response To Musa Khawula – Watch

Trust South Africans to weigh into a case they feel strongly about – like Lerato Kganyag’s response to controversial YouTuber Musa Khawula.

In case you are unaware, Musa, who is infamous for his many posts against celebrities, recently claimed to have the dirt on the media personality and even dared her at some point to rile him again and he would expose her nudes bearing her face.

Well, Lerato Kganyago was having none of that this time as she dared him in a clip to go ahead and do his worst/ The clip got the attention of many South Africans, some of whom not only supported her but went ahead to blast Musa Khawula for being unreasonable and for attacking people who have done nothing to him.

Some accused Musa of telling outright lies and trying to bring people down, You can check out some of the comments to the clip below.

By the way, Lerato Kganyago recently indicated that she was bullied by the late Kuli Roberts, which made South Africans wonder why she is always the victim.

It remains to be seen whether Musa Khawula would take up the challenge and show the world the nudes of Lerato he claimed to have in his possession.

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