South Africans On Singer Elaine’s “Downfall”

It is one thing to make it to the top, and it is a different ball game to maintain that position. Some find it hard to maintain their position and find themselves in decline.

Examples abound. Right now, however, South Africans appear focused on singer Elaine, whom they believe has experienced a “downfall” of sorts.

A clip of her recent performance provoked the current debate on her career. Some felt that she experienced a dramatic fall from what they used to know of her and her fame, and they now compare her to Tyla, who is way younger.

At some point, Elaine was the most resonant female voice in South Africa, as Apple’s most-streamed female artist in 2020. She was just 21 at the time. Besides this remarkable achievement, she also held the title of top album by a South African female on the same platform.

Back then, a lot of people predicted that she would become a top voice in South Africa and one of the greatest female voices.

But a lot has changed for Elaine since then, with many people seemingly stunned by the decline in her music and appeal ever since.

Some are sad and already wishing her a career rebound.

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