South Africans Rail At The SAPS After It Was Revealed AKA & Tibz Were Killed Metres From A Police Post (Video)

Since AKA’s killing alongside his former manager Tebello “Tibz” Motsoane on February 10, a storm of theories has been flying about what happened and how it was possible the killers could get away with being identified even though CCTV cameras were rolling when the incident happened.

A new twist has been added to the story after it was revealed that the assassination of the rapper and his former manager took place just metres away from a mobile police station. Cate Blanche revealed this much in a recent tweet.

In the said tweet, one of its staff members could be seen speaking at the scene of the crime and showing just how close it was to the police station. At some point, the camera panned toward a police officer on duty but his face was not revealed. You can check out the clip below.

The recent revelation about the proximity of the police station to the crime scene elicited mixed reactions from South Africans.

Some of them noted that it is evidence that South Africa is no longer safe. Another noted that the post was misleading because there are usually just two cops on duty at the post during the day and they are the traffic cops who do not carry guns.

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