South Africans React As Stogie T Claims No Classic Hip Hop Albums By South Africans Exist

Celebrated lyricist Stogie T has provoked a debate in South Africa with his take on classic hip-hop albums in the Rainbow Nation. As far as the “Empire of Sheep” chanter is concerned, there are no classic hip hop albums in the country.

The emcee was part of a panel discussion on South African music and that was where he shared his thoughts about hip-hop in the country. According to him, the local music scene lacked a classic in the hip-hop genre.

His verdict provoked mixed reactions and a massive debate online. Some South Africans shared his verdict that indeed there are no classic hip-hop albums in the country yet. Some countered that he wasn’t being forthright in his verdict and if he didn’t know, he should ask others who can point him to hip-hop classics.

Some even went ahead to make a list of hip-hop albums they considered classics. You can check out the post below.

Stogie T is a much-respected voice in South African hip-hop despite not being regular or consistent in his productions of recent. The point is that he has already gotten a secure spot in the universe of South African music and does not need to get spammy in his productions to retain his spot.

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