South Africans Weigh In As DJ Shimza & Cassper Are Awed By by Over R103 Billion In Bank Account

and DJ Shimza are easily among the top earners in South Africa’s entertainment industry, but there is something they have neither seen nor possess – billions in rands. So both were understandably impressed with a wallet balance of over R103 billion.

DJ Shimza had shared a picture of someone holding a mobile phone showing an account balance of over 103 billion. A crying emoji and a few words indicated that Shimza was truly impressed with the sum he saw in the pic.

His fellow musician saw the pic as well and was just as impressed, noting in a retweet that Shimza indeed has wealthy friends. It appeared both musicians had no clue what the account was all about and if it was a real account or not. Or perhaps they were just being jocund.

At any rate. South Africans were quick to join the conversation and educate both of them that the account was, in fact, not a real account balance but a private wealth demo account, which means it s just numbers and no one owns what is how there. It’s just for simulated trade and cannot be withdrawn. You can check it out below.

By the way, Cassper dreams of one day becoming a billionaire.

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