Southampton FC’s Former Scout John Sainty Dead At 77

Life comes and goes. That is one morbid reality that stares the world in the face, and people have to make peace with it. For the former Southampton scout John Sainty, life a little over seven decades ago, and he passed away just recently, aged 77.

It was one long and illustrious career during which time he made great contributions to the Southampton side, including bringing Adam Lallana to the team. Adam was 12 at the time and playing for Cherries. But Sainty has seen his capabilities and thought he would be good for his side.

That decision proved critical, as young Adam would go on to perform brilliantly for his new team.

Born in 1946, Sainty’s interest in football dates back to when he was a kid. He was part of the youth side at Tottenham Hotspur and would eventually go on to play for other notable clubs, including Aldershot, AFC Bournemouth, Reading and Mansfield Town.

From a playing, he had delved into the world of scouting new talents and did pretty well in the field, snagging names who would go on to have memorable careers on the pitch.

The news of his death provoked a wave of mourning on social media, with tweeps sharing their best memories of him.

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