Soweto: Uncertainty Amid Faceoff Between EFF and Operation Dudula Advocates

The battle for the soul of South Africa continues, with Nhlanhle Jux in the vanguard of the advocacy to put South Africa first and toss illegal immigrants out of the Rainbow Nation so the local population can take their jobs.

Nhlanhla Lux’s advocacy, code-named Operation Dudula, has been a controversial subject from the outset. Some people within South Africa accused him of provoking xenophobic sentiments with his advocacy.

However, the young man has got his stans, who think him as the head of a just cause and that he should be treasured and protected. He’s reportedly from Soweto, where Operation Dudula advocacy is gaining tremendous momentum.

There’s been great tension in over the faceoff between the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) and the campaigners of Operation Dudula. Where the EFF wants open borders, Operation Dudula advocates want none of it.

The faceoff has gotten so heated that the EFF has asked the South African police to arrest Nhlanhla and other faces behind Operation Dudula.

Trouble had begun when EFF leaders accompanied Vicor Ramerafe, a pensioner, to the Dobsonville Police Station yesterday, Wednesday, March 22, where he wanted to lodge a complaint against Operation Dudula leader Nhlanhla Lux.

The said pensioner is accusing Nhlanhla Lux of intimidation and assault.

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