Here is What Happened When Speedsta Tried To Reach Out To Nasty C

gave details on what happened between him and rapper Nasty C.

The feud between the producer and seems not to be ending a conclusive end, as both rappers have not physically talked to each other, they’ve only been calling each other out on social media.

in talking during a podcast said he had reach out to settle things with when he called who was in the studio working with Nasty C. He furthered that the call was to talk to but got called back after a while that the rapper was busy in the studio.

I called Gemini and Nasty were in one house, I called Gemini I said hey can I speak to Nasty. He said cool, let me chat to him and I’ll call you back. He spoke to him, He called me back, he said he was busy editing, we’re gonna call you back, that was three days ago, so I’ve done my part

Recall both rappers had called each other out upon the allegations of song theft that saw both go back and forth with ascertaining that had no rights to ownership of the song.

was commended for his maturity by the podcast host.