Speedsta Responds To Claims That Nyani Didn’t Drop Because Anatii Thought The Big Hash Was “Weird”

Speedsta Reacts To J Molley's Claims That Nyani Didn't Drop Because Anatii Thought The Big Hash Was "Weird"

DJ Speedsta reacts to claims that “Nyani” didn’t drop because Anatii claimed that The Big Hash was too weird for his liking.

The week is still young but it’s already been one full of drama in the SA Hip Hop scene. Well, all the drama usually comes from there so we aren’t really surprised.

J Molley and The Big Hash raised a lot of dust when both artists uncovered some personal truth in their diss songs aimed at one another. This led to their teams getting involved and both rappers wanting out of the feud.

According to Molley in “Pall Bearer”, Anatii’s collaboration with Hash and Boity didn’t drop because Anatii thought Hash was too weird. After months of teasing the song and not dropping, Hash had revealed that he couldn’t get a hold of Anatii and so couldn’t release it without his approval.

Replying a fan who asked if J molley’s claims in “Pall Bearer” were true, Speedsta revealed he isn’t sure about it. Although he called the feud exciting, he also stated that it isn’t nice to see old friends bringing out skeletons and hoped they’d sort it out.

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