Speedsta Reveals SA Hip Hop Artists Fake Love For Each Other & Confronts Castle Lite Unlocks

Speedsta confronts Castle Lite Unlocks and reveals SA Hip Hop artists fake love or Each Other

DJ Speedsta confronts Castle Lite Unlocks, and calls out SA Hip Hop artists for faking love for each other.

Mzansi disc jockey, DJ Speedsta is raising a lot of dust these days. We all love drama but sometimes we are shocked by it. If you are part of the one percent who think it’s all love in the SA Hip-hop industry, then you are mistaken. The “Moya” hit maker says so.

He recently called rapper, Nasty C out saying he owned the song “Baam Baam”. While that happened, he also dragged Nasty for saying whatever he wants wherever he wants, telling him “Here we teach each other with respect“.

He confronted Castle Lite Unlocks for always bringing international artists into Mzansi to do shows that local acts can. He cited Stogie T’s Freestyle Fridays as a perfect example that local artists are capable enough.

Speedsta also called SA Hip-hop acts out for always showing fake love to each other when they truly can’t stand themselves. This brought about a reaction from Blaklez who revealed that no one thinks the Hip-hop community is one big family.

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