Spotify Says Limpopo Tunes Are Enjoying Increased Visibility

According to Spotify, Limpopo tunes having been gaining more attention on the streaming platform.

Spotify has revealed in recently shared data that artists from Limpopo have been gaining significant success on the platform. They revealed that musicians from the region have recorded a noticeable surge in visibility, gaining more listeners and higher streams.

The streamer shared insights revealing that artists including Pleasure Tsa Manyalo and Maredi Maredi witnessed a significant spike in daily streams between 25 and 31 December 2023. This coincided with festive celebrations beyond traditional wedding events. The peaks reportedly occurred between 4pm and 7pm.

The artists also gained an increase in audience, mostly including millennial listeners who accounted for over 46% for each artist. Maredi Maredi’s audience comprised of 60% male listeners, towering over his female listeners, while Pleasure Tsa Manyalo’s featured 56% female and 44% male listeners.

Spotify artist, label and partnerships manager for South Africa Jodie Tabisher said, “South Africa’s diversity is visible in the music available on our platform. Beyond songs, there are playlists dedicated to highlighting various artists and music. Limpopo Way is one of them where both Pleasure Tsa Manyalo and Maredi Maredi shine brightly.”

Also, according to the data, Khelobedu, Sepedi, xiTsonga and tshiVenda gained popularity via Spotify’s Limpopo Way playlist, which proved very effective. Limpopo musicians also gained popularity in other parts of the country, namely Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban and Cape Town.

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