Springboks, Thabo Bester Among Google Most Searched Terms In South Africa This Year

Towards the end of each year, Google, the biggest search engine in the world, makes a list of the most search terms that year. The results show an ever-evolving world. The list is segmented in nations, with the search behemoth showing the most search terms in each country.

South Africa has quite an interesting list this year, encapsulating events around a man who many say masterminded South Africa’s version of “Prison Break,” Thabo Bester. The South African Rugby team’s win at the recent Rugby World Cup was also a centre of great attention.

The team, known simply as the Springboks, made the list of the most searched terms this year. Local broad and DJ Cyan Boujee also snagged a spot on the most searched terms on Google this year. That shouldn’t even be surprising given how controversy-loving she is and the many dramas she entangled herself in this year.

It turned out South Africans were also interested in the arts and googled the difference between poetry and other genres. That’s 2023, wrapped, for South Africa. What makes the list for 2024 depends on what trends that year.

Until then, best to embrace the moment and what was best searched this year. Yes?

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