“Square” – Channing Crowder Criticizes Russell Wilson’s Relationship With Ciara (Video)

Channing Crowder has anything but good words about the Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson and his relationship with his wife, the singer and actress Ciara.

In the latest episode of the podcast The Pivot, the former linebacker had called Wilson a “square” and claimed that Ciara is only with him because of his money. He insisted that Ciara wouldn’t be with the Broncos ace if he weren’t wealthy.

He delved into Ciara’s relationship with Future and how she had left him to be with Wilson. Although he claimed to love Wilson on the field, he insisted that the quarterback is a “square” and a “goofball.”

Before her relationship with Wilson, Ciara had dated Future. Amid reports that he had cheated on her, she called off their engagement. A year later, in 2015, she had moved on with Wilson and married him in 2016.

Wilson is currently one of the top earners in the NFL, with a basic salary of 19 million per an um. That sum is expected to increase to 22 million in 2023.

So far, neither Wilson nor Ciara has responded to Crowder’s critical outburst. It’ll be interesting to see if and when they will reply. We’ll be here to bring you more details. So, stay tuned. 

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