Stage 6 Load Shedding”Netizens Warn Shimza As He Celebrates heading Home After 3 Months Of Touring

Home, sweet home? Well, that is the exp[ectatgion of South African disc jokey and producer DJ Shimza after three months of touring.

In a recent tweet, the songster had shared a picture of himself in a plane, apparently heading back home to South Africa, a country he’s been away from for the past three months. The caption said it all: “Home time after 3 months of touring.”

Of course, it feels good to be going home after a while, but there appears to have been great, discomforting changes since he left – something he might not be aware of, or so some of his compatriots assumed as they camped in his mentions.

Tweeps referenced the tweet he made and warned him that South Africa is currently facing stage six of load shedding – that is, more power cuts and greater prospects of darkness. You can check out the post below.

South Africa has been facing a serious energy crisis that led to the exit of Andre De Ruyter, the former CEO of the country’s power utility, Eskom.

It turned out that even with the exit of De Ruyter, the country is still facing serious power challenges. But then, DJ Shimza is sufficiently rich to get alternatives to address his energy needs.

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