Stage 8 Load Shedding Looms As Eskom Addresses Stakeholders

The spectre of load shedding continues to torment South Africa, with the latest news being that stage 8 load shedding is a possibility.

Previously stage 6 was the spectre at the door and it had so annoyed many South Africans that they took to social media to express their grievances, with some noting they have had to close their businesses as a result.

Well, stage 8 of load shedding just might pop into view if the recent statement made by the country’s energy utility is anything to go by.

Eskom has actually made some improvements in the past few weeks, but some critics would insist that it has never had it so bad in recent memory. Before the current situation, some government officials had thought that the removal of the former CEO Andre De Ruyter was the solution to the power problem. But as recent events have shown, it has not exactly solved it.

Instead, as recently reported, Eskom appears to be facing more issues with no clue yet when they would be resolved. The latest talk about the possibility of level 8 load shedding is spawned by a series of breakdowns.

It remains to be seen if the much talked about possibility of stage 8 load shedding will intrude.

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