Star Lupita Nyong’o Goes Bald, Gives Reasons

What would actress Lupita Nyong’o look like when she is clean-shaved – bald so to speak? If you have always been curious about that, then you have an answer as she has actually gone bald and shared snaps of her new look online.

In a post on her verified Instagram page, she had shared a picture showing her bald head close up. In the capture of her post, she noted that she is happy without hair. The caption also indicated that it was not done on the spur of the moment but as part of the role she would be playing in an upcoming flick.

How so? Part of her caption reads, “Application for the Dora Milaje submitted!” The Dora Milaje are actually fictional characters created for the Marvel Comics universe. They are part of the women’s special forces in the fictional African country of Wakanda.

Star Lupita Nyong'O Goes Bald, Gives Reasons 2

Er, if you have designs on Lupita, best to flee right now. You would surely not want to mess with a warrior and part of the special forces, would you? Lol.

On a serious note, though, with or without hair, Lupita Nyong’o still looks beautiful, Now keep your eyes peeled for her on the big screen.

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