“Starving” Nadia Nakai Lashes Out At Promoters In Zimbabwe

After a terrible time, with the death of a partner and corresponding grief, the least Nadia Nakai would want to have is to be disrespected after making herself available for a show in neighbouring Zimbabwe.

Sadly, that was what happened to her recently in the country that borders South Africa. It was her first show in Zimbabwe following the brutal assassination of her lover Kiernan “AKA” Forbes on February 10 as he stepped out of Wish Restaurant on Florida Road in Durban.

She had flown to Zimbabwe for a show hoping to have the best experience, but the promoter disappointed her and left her to her devices at her hotel, without any form of hospitality. It was so bad that she found herself starving there at some point.

So she had to pop online and ask her followers for a way around it. She asked if Uber Eats was available in the city. Since the question was asked through her Instagram story, it cannot be determined who and how responded to her and what the outcome was. Still, it showed she got shoddy treatment at the hand of the promoter. You can check out her post below.

&Quot;Starving&Quot; Nadia Nakai Lashes Out At Promoters In Zimbabwe 2

Hopefully, the incident doesn’t happen again.

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