Statement From Jamie Foxx After Medical Emergency

About three weeks ago, he was rushed to the hospital over a medical emergency. But Jamie Foxx is in a better state right now and has released his first official statement after the medical scare.

Taking to Instagram for the first time after the medical emergency, the award-winning actor had shown gratitude to fans and everyone who stood behind him, noting that he appreciates all the love and is feeling blessed as a result. You can check out his post below.

Statement From Jamie Foxx After Medical Emergency 2

Foxx also shared an Instagram post in which he thanked Nick Cannon for taking over his (Foxx’s) show Beat Shazam while he was away. The show was founded back in 2017, with Foxx’s daughter Corinne as the show’s DJ.

However, with Foxx’s medical emergency and Cannon taking over temporarily as host, Corinne herself has temporarily bowed out of the show to see to her father’s recovery.

What exactly led to the complication – as well as what it is about – remains unclear at the time of writing. Corinne had merely informed the public of the emergency at the time without going into details.

Anyway, as some fans have noted, it is good to know that Jamie Foxx is on his feet again and away from any immediate danger

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