Stellenbosch University Suspends Student Over Urinating Incident


Stellenbosch University in South Africa is currently trending over the viral video of a white student urinating on a black student’s belongings, which has been described as racist. 

Martin Viljoen, the spokesperson for the university, confirmed the incident while noting the institution strongly condemns it. He described the action as hurtful and racist. 

The student, at this point unnamed, has been suspended while authorities carry out an investigation. 

However, the SRC isn’t happy with the suspension and wants the student expelled from the institution. On that call, the university noted that it has to follow proper procedures before expelling the student. 

The said student had been photographed peeing on another student’s belongings on Sunday at Huis Marais residence.

The clip elicited outrage from across South Africa, with many caring for the immediate expulsion of the student involved. 

South Africa reeled under apartheid rule for decades. The racist government may have been dismantled, but racism is still prevalent in South Africa. 

The latest incident is but one of several examples of racism so far. It’s unclear if the institution will finally expel the student at the end of its investigation. The case is being followed closely. Stay tuned for more information. 

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