Stellenbosch University Urinater, Theuns Du Toit Has Been Suspended

Stellenbosch University student, Theuns Du Toit, who urinated on a black student’s belongings, has been suspended.

Thousands have signed a petition to have white student, Theuns Du Toit who urinated on a black student’s belongings, expelled from Stellenbosch University. Social Media users have reacted to the alleged racist act.

A petition calling for his expulsion has garnered over 27,000 signatures. It has been reported that the alleged incident happened over the weekend at a student residence. The petition reads, “This was a racially motivated attack, and in response to his actions, [the white student] claimed ‘this is what we do to black boys.'”

On Monday, May 16, Stellenbosch University announced that the alleged ‘racist’ student, Theuns Du Toit, had been suspended and removed from the residence.

A statement released by the University read, “A further swift but detailed investigation will determine the final outcomes. Expulsion and/or criminal charges are not excluded from the possible available options, based on the investigation’s findings.” Vice-chancellor Professor Wim de Villiers added;

“We acted swiftly and decisively to uphold our commitment to a culture inclusivity. What happened at Huis Marais is not acceptable. No student has the right to diminish another student’s human dignity or rights in this way,”

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