Steve Biko Remembered On 45th Death Anniversary

Not many become larger-than-life figures at death, and not many will ever be. But Steve Bike was a different case. At age 30, he was already famous for his battles against the racist government in South Africa.

Unable to bear his advocacy and the sanctity of dignity which he stood for, the racist government put him in jail. He died in Pretoria Central Prison at just 30. It’s exactly 45 years since his death, and his legacy is still very much alive.

So it isn’t surprising that notable figures, including President Cyril Ramaphosa, should speak about the man and his legacy and how South Africans might exploit the same for national advancement.

Mzansi Twitter was a mixed bag on the anniversary of Steve Biko’s death, with some Saffas comparing the current government to the past and stating that it has really failed and Steve Biko would be embarrassed with the current situation in the country, which is currently under black rule.

Some South Africans were more than happy to share some of the great quotes the late activist gifted the world with before his eventual passing. You can check out some of the tweets below.

This  shouldst be living at this hour, Steve Biko.

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