Steve Harvey Confirms Lori’s Split From Michael B. Jordan

What had hit social media as mere speculation has finally been confirmed. According to Lori’s dad Steve, Lori Harvey and Michael B. Jordan have indeed split.

The celebrated media personality released that bombshell on a recent episode of “The Steve Harvey Morning Show.” According to him, the relationship between his daughter and the actor was over. That confirmation ended the string of speculations about Lori and Michael.

Speaking about the breakup, Steve noted that he’d heard about it and wished the two of them well while also affirming he’s standing with his daughter “1,000” per cent. He also averred how important it was to get out of a relationship early before it becomes expensive.

And Lori appeared to have affirmed it’s all over by scrubbing her Instagram page clean of her former lover. That action indirectly rubbishes the claim by associates of the couple that they still love each other deeply despite their split.

A common joke out there is that it’s best to split on Instagram instead of going to court, which is quite expensive.

Anyway, it would be interesting to see how Lori and Michael navigate this period of their split. Michael was reportedly recently seen sitting courtside during an NBA match and looking unwell.

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