Stilo Magolide Cuts Off His Signature Dreadlocks To Start Allover

reveals he’s starting over as he chops off his signature dreads.

Fans are going to have a shock when they see what SA star, looks like now. The Mzansi star has proven that his hair does not define him, as he makes major changes to his look.

You know how he always spots the long dreads and beard? Well, you’re about to see an entirely different Stilo. In a recent video shared to his Instagram, he is seen chopping the dreads off. According to him, he’s starting over. Well, everyone needs to try something new every once in a while so we don’t really mind.

For some time now, the talented muso has readying his project “Mbuzi In The Water” for release. He’s also started the Mbuzi Level chats where he invites notable personalities for chats, mostly people he considers G.O.A.Ts. Shout out to him anyway.

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