Stilo Magolide Flaunts Expensive New Car

Stilo Magolide shows off his newly acquired whip, worth nearly a million rands and it got the whole Mzansi talking.

Rap game anywhere in the world has seen a lot flexing and competition go on between rappers. This is done with the show off of the amount of automobiles, jewelries and cribs you have.

Stilo Magolide who a few weeks ago was tagged to be a lazy rapper, shows he is not any of that, has he revealed his career is booming, sharing pictures of his new black Mazda MX-5.

The model of the car in rands is worth a whopping 500 thousand rands. A MC is definitely not raking that in being lazy. The car has a lovely interior and shows elegance and class.

Stilo Magolide is putting a lot of efforts in work, as he is set to release new videos and songs from his studio project tagged “Seven EP”.

See the post below;