Stilo Magolide On Riky Rick’s BET Global Visionary Award (Video)

South African rapper Stilo Magolide has reacted to the BET Global Visionary Award won by his late pal Riky Rick, indicating it is an honour well deserved.

In an Instagram post, he had announced Riky Rick’s win while also sharing some memorable moments from the rapper’s career. Last we checked, the post had been liked over five thousand times. You can check out the post below.

Riky Rick was one of the key voices in South African hip hop until his death earlier this year. The songster was apparently going through a depressive phase that no one knew about and which, in retrospect, he wasn’t prepared to share directly with the world.

He hung himself in his studio, sending shockwaves across South ’s entertainment universe. South Africans honoured him the way they saw fit. Some held concerts. Some released hitherto unreleased songs featuring him, and yet some used his image as their profile pictures.

Cotton Fest, a hip hop festival he founded years before his death, continued without him. But as Stilo Magolide observed, things will never be the same again after his death. In that verdict, he has the support of many of his compatriots.

So long, Riky Rick!

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