Stoan Seate Optimistic Of A Grand 2024 Despite Fire Accident

The New Year didn’t begin on a grand note for Stoan Seate, who reportedly sustained third-degree burns from what has been described as a gas explosion on New Year’s eve.

The accident was pretty severe and affected several parts of his body, including his lips, face, nose and arm.

Of course, it could have been worse. The kwaito musician recognised this reality and was grateful to have survived. While he is in pain as a result of the accident, he is also glad that it wasn’t worse.

In his pain is wrapped a truth, which is that he is alive. Now, as the saying goes, where there is life, there is hope. The Bongo Maffin member is brimming with as much hope as can be imagined.

While it is true that the New Year began on a blast of misfortune, the songster is hopeful of having a grand year regardless – a year filled with many achievements and every other win that can gladden the soul of anyone pushing to be the best they can be.

In his faith, he certainly has the support of his bandmates and his fellow South Africans. Now that’s a big push that should result in something grand for him.

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