Stogie T Drops A Fierce Freestyle Friday On Jay Z’s Renegade Instrumental

Stogie T delivers a fierce freestyle atop Jay Z's Renegade Instrumental for Fierce Freestyle Friday

SA rapper, drops a new freestyle for Fierce Freestyle Friday rapping over Jay-Z’s Renegade Instrumental.

There’s a reason why he is one of the most sort after rappers in all of Mzansi. Some rappers in the country are merely known for the music that they deliver, while others are known for their spontaneity when it comes to delivering unexpected bars.

Mzansi has a thing for showing more respect to rappers who can go hard no matter what. Stogie T has been on the forefront of the SA Hip-hop scene and it has never been new that he rides whatever beat you throw at him.

The rapper just recently dropped a new freestyle for Fierce Friday Freestyles. This time around, he rode on top of the instrumentals for Jay-Z’s Renegade. Trust, if anyone knows how to pull that off, it’s Stogie. And yes, he did.


Back when Pro was in a matchbox
Rolling ‘round the city
We was have nots
Wasn’t no one listening
We would hatch plots
Crackpot ideas we was scheming
On our mascots, ugly b!t&$? let us use their laptops
A crash course in physics
That was Newton’s last law
For every action, reaction we just applied force
Was low key but I could crack locks
Band songs
Made a baby grand from all the keys
On a piano
Bring out the banjos
Sling out the bando
Similar ammo They fiending
A dope nigga in his bag bro
Spitting fire til the mic glow
Pippen bounce pass to that jumpman logo
Your local man is global
Sold shows in Oslo
Those in snow globes shouldn’t throw stones
You know though
More or less, also molest the vocals
Coalesce with old folks, more lessons to grow from
The lawless and broken in Conquests and Opels
See progress in Rovers but the process is moreso
Niggas blow they own horn, Ornette Coleman
But can’t tell the pretty Tonys from the Sosas

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