Stogie T Corrects Rashid Kay Over Misidentification Of Solomon Mahlangu

Notable lyricist has corrected Rashid Kay, who apparently made a mistake celebrating the life of Solomon Mahlangu

Until his death, Solomon Mahlangu was an anti-apartheid campaigner of the ANC. He was convicted of murder and hung on April 6 1979.

Those who remember him and what he stood for usually commemorate his hanging every year. apparently wanted to do the same but misidentified Solomon Mahlangu.

He had shared a photograph of an African-American being hung and captioned is as Mahlangu, urging his followers to remember the late activist.

Unimpressed by the mistake made, had corrected him loudly and impatiently, clarifying that the picture Rashid Kay shared was not that of the anti-apartheid activist. He supplied the real picture, which you can check out below.

Rashid Kay has since been deleted his tweet.

By the way, Stogie has moved his Friday Project from Slikour to Channel O for more national visibility. He’d thanked Slikour  for all he’d done for Freestyle Friday until the project moved to Channel O.

Well, what do you think of correcting Rashid Kay the way he did? You may want to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.