Stogie T Declares Himself The Last O.G

Stogie T talks about being the last O.G

Pretty Flowers hitmaker, Stogie T, has called himself the last O.G and talks about getting assistance from the past O.Gs.

In 2019, the talented South African rapper released a hit song titled, ‘The Last O.G.’ The song featured Ason. The Last O.G revealed an original gangster’s lifestyle.

Stogie T took to his Instagram page reveal that his position in the game has made his musical-life easier since he taps wisdom from the O.Gs that came before him.

Stogie T also listed the likes of Sway, Black Coffee, and Black Thoughts as his O.Gs.

The talented rapper stated that this has made him invest in upcoming talent that needs to be guided in the music industry because he has gone through the same.

Stogie T said:

Every time I see or hear a new talent that needs support and encouragement I throw energy towards it. Not because I am some mogul or saint, I am just following tradition, in this hard world that isn’t always just it’s good or make some things right.

Stogie T recently reacted to a proclamation Gigi Lamayne made on her Twitter page, where she declared that she is the best in the hip hop scene.

The twenty-five-year-old rapper, Gigi Lamayne, recently remarked that she is the best with regards to rapping, pulling off one woman shows and dropping hits.

“This that energy I got time for,” Stogie T wrote while reacting to Gigi Lamayne’s statement.

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