Stogie T Disappointed In Slikour Over “Way It Go” Song Narrative

The emperor of “The empire of Sheep” Stogie T has called out fellow musicians Slikour for posting the music video of his (Stogie T’s) “Way It Go” song (Ft. nasty C and YoungstaCPT) and asking who among them has the best verse.

In a tweet, he said that Slikour is his “brother,” he’s going to call him out anyway. He insisted that there were many narratives in that song but Slikour opted to picked the corniest of them to speak on. According to him, Slikour could have dwelled on the fact it was the first time Nasty C came out. He made it clear he’s disappointed in Slikour for that.

By the way, Stogie t used to host his Friday on Slikour’s channel. But he switched to later, after thanking Slikour for the beautiful partnership they had, a partnership that brought together various rappers from across the world every Friday.

In addressing Slikour’s question on who had the best verse, Stogie T had also detailed why he left the SlikourOnLife platform.

if you’re not conversant with the song that’s provoked the controversy between Slikour and Stogie T, you may want to check it out below and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

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