Stogie T Joined By Indigo Stella, Stilo Magolide, Luna Florentino, Reason & More For Freestyle Friday

Stogie T’s Freestyle Friday has become a staple for many, especially followers of South Africa’s pop culture.

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“Freestyle Friday” is an initiative by the “Empire of Sheep” lyricist that brings together artistes from around the world. Each artiste drops a freestyle, which Stogie T shares on his verified Instagram page. The reception for Freestyle Friday has been massive and it looks like the initiative will continue a long time. We hope so.

Artistes like Priddy Ugly, Ryda, Nelz, Ma-E, Zulu Mecca, Casey JaNissa, Raheem Kemet, Dirty Mind Trixx, Riky Rick, L-Tido, Chris Rivers, AKA and Laylizzy have had freestyle sessions previously. This is only a short list, by the way.

For this week, Stogie T had BLackway of Ghana, Lebo Mashile, Steven Bussa, Indigo Stella, Stilo Magolide and others drop freestyles. Like previous freestyles, this Friday’s was pretty engaging, and we are confident you are going to like it.

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Ithi ngiqale ngokuzo bonghi isupport/ Bese ngiyi giva back/ Drop a couple bars and Watch raps niggas/ Get heart attacks/ Money bag yo/ I got two dimes and a bigger check/ lock jaw for talking shit/ Chrome tips so I never miss/ Cold bodies with bullet mist/ Just hit a like and a comment/ Tell me you feeling this/ 4/20 some cannibis/ Summer nights with a winter bliss/ Cuddle bunnies like playboy hef/ Lockdown but I keep it crisp/ a lilttle stressed/ But I’m focus/ Need me money shit/ On the road I was killin shit/ Superman and the villian shit/ Ikhaza coming on sub/ Income still on that zero shit/ How am I suppose to stay home/ Wen I’m out here getting no money shit/ You tell me keep it live/ Keep it blazing with entertaining shit/ And data still expensive/ And niggas out here aint saying shit/ Weighing my pros and my cons/ I prefer a kilo instead/ You know the fights gone get messy/ Wen niggas can’t buy no bread/ I’m just saying/ Ngoba imali ibizi imali/ Ngob indlali ibkokile/ Izitha zifomile/ Nga pha Nama soja agymile/ Baby pour me a drink/ So I can Pour up some mo/ Roll up the drow/ Turn down the trap/ Bump me some nina simone/ surfisticated thuggin/ Ain’t no regular foe/ The tie with the bow/ Mtsetse with brogue/ The times we afford/ The Tom with the ford/ My typa cologne/ This for my/ Good fellas/ Always been pauly to bros/ Jimmy to hoes/ They praying we fold/ a king to a pawn/ Numbers on boards/ The streets know the boy/ I stuck to the code/ And how you move your money/ Is what makes you a Don/ A seat at the table/ Got the sauce from the gods/ Seruno’s the Mob/ Family over money/ Don’t turn my love to a job/ You probably wonder wats that smell on ur mask/ The shit you been talkin/ Is Hard to digest/ How you plan on movin foward/ But you got these regrets/ Either you a new slave or sadam hu sayin/ In attempts of bein a black Bruce with loose change

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By next Friday Stogie T will introduce a fresh cast of musicians and thrill fans to yet another superlative freestyle break. What are your expectations next week? You may want to share your thoughts in the comment section below and stay tuned, for we are going to bring you next week’s freestyle as well.


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