Stogie T Mourns Brother’s Death “I’m filled with guilt,”

SA Hip Hop star Stogie T mourns his brother’s death, and says “I’m filled with guilt.”

SA Hip Hop star is mourning the passing of his brother, and he took to social media to share how he’s feeling. The rapper noted that he has mourned many people recently. He also revealed that his page is starting to look like an obituary notice.

The famous lyricist wrote, “Someone said my IG starting to look like an obituary notice. It has felt like more than usual recently but hey how blessed to have loved and been loved. You cannot honor one’s life without acknowledging our mortality. Scary stuff.”

He also affirmed his faith in God and comforted himself, “I believe that God sent out his son to die for our sins and defeated death, but while we are still here, children need their dads, husbands need their wives and sisters need their brothers.”

Stogie also reacted to his brother’s death, “I lost my brother. I am confused, filled with guilt and excruciating sadness. And still IT IS WELL WITH MY SOUL. Jesus Got us. Rest in Peace Msibi, love you big bro.”


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