Stogie T Feels A-Reece Can Become The Best Rapper In SA!

Popular South African rapper, Stogie T, recently gushed over the first verse of A-Reece’s popular hit ‘In His Image.’ Stogie T stated that A-Reece’s single’s first verse is so dope that if the talented rapper continues to release such dope lyrics five more times, he will earn the title as the best rapper in South Africa.

In Stogie T’s recent ‘Verse of the Month’ show, the rapper stated that A-Reece is the number one lyricst, following his verse on In His Image.

Stogie T revealed that A-Reece’s verse deserves the number one spot even though he was never a fan of A-Reece. He further stated that the lyrics reflect confidence in A-Reece’s rapping skills and maturity.

Stogie T said:

…so every time you A-Reece stan have a conversation with me I always shut you out by saying give me the verse, show me that one verse that says he is… and you know they might talk about his vibe they might talk about what he means to the culture they might talk about his overall I don’t give a f**k you know what I mean. But they don’t always talk about that one verse. But I heard the f**kin verse. If A-Reece raps like this five more times he’s gonna be the best rapper in South Africa present company not included. He is so fire. He is so f**kin fire on this joint he sounds mature, he sounds confident you know he got so bossy sh*t to him but nah he sounds absolutely like he is owning his space he sounds so grown…

Other dope verses that was listed amongst the top 6 include Touchline’s Ngifonele on the number six spot, number five is Tswyza’s 2019 verse, number four is Hymphatic Thab’s verse on the hit song ‘It Is,’ number three on the list is Zubz’s verse in his song ‘Idols to Idols.’ One Shaman’s verse in his hit song ‘Megatron’ claimed the number two spot.

Watch the full interview below:

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