Stogie T On Winning Lyricist Of The Year 2020 AT SAHHA

Stogie T was recently crowned lyricist of the year at the South Africa Hip hop Awards (SAHHA). Not only did he win, he strongly believes he deserves the scudetto and has no qualms saying so to whoever would listen.

In a recent tweet, following his crowning as lyricist of the year, the songster stated that he rapped his ass off this year. He also shouted out fellow musicians who were nominated alongside him but who failed to win the award.

Stogie T had been nominated alongside Landmarq,  Hymphatic Thabz, Ginger Trill and PDotO.

By the way, even before he was nominated for the award and eventually won it, Stogie T had distinguished himself as one of the finest lyricists in South Africa. This year, among others, he had initiated his Freestyle Friday, which brings together lyricists from around the world.

Every artiste on the Freestyle Friday circuit delivers his bars. Stogie T aggregates them and shares on his social media channels. The initiative is a hit with his fans.

Well, what do you think of Stogie t winning the Lyricist of the Year award? You might want to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

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